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Yeovilton Air Station is the primary airbase for the Royal Navy, host for the annual Air Day. It’s a major airshow in Europe with participants from many different countries, and what’s special about the Air Day is that they manage to attract each year a few aircraft that are absolutely unique.

Continuing our solid corporation from previous year, the Aviation PhotoCrew hosted a team of photographers joining us for the naval adventures. Naval it was, as the Royal Navy gave us a chance to take some of the very last pictures from their old Lynx Helicopter ( weeks before retiring ), in combination with its successor. Flares, and a coastline, what more do you want?

The scenery surrounding this part of the UK is extremely photogenic and therefore a favourite among many of the photographers who fly with us. Regardless of the aircraft posing behind the Skyvan photoship, you always end up with stunning photos and so a big thank you goes to the Pitts Special and Yak-50 as a dynamic smoking pair, Polish Air Force An-28, the T-6 from the Royal Navy Historic Flight.

Every air to air adventure has it highlights, and the prize winners for this project are a Mig-15 buzzing us, supercool to see this small jet aiming for us and all the photographers ready to go click,click,click as the Mig performs the flyby. Not only the veteran aircraft made it to the photoship, but also the supernew, in the shape of the only flying prototype of the Textron Scorpion. It was the first extensive photoshoot for the Scorpion, and the aircrew was extremely happy with the result.

For 7 years we had to try…and 7 must be a lucky number as we finally got a chance to see one of the most precious warbirds in the sky: the last flying B-17 in Europe, ‘Sally B’. The sun might have not been in an ideal position, but we were allowed to fly alongside this majestic lady on the way to another airshow that weekend. Peter Kuypers and his aircrew gave us 10 memorable minutes and our big Thank you goes also to Elly Sallingboe for granting us permission to perform this photoflight. Hopefully we can do it again in the future.
The most unique aircraft on our list we had seen before in Culdrose last year, but the worlds only flying Sea Vixen is so unique and the pride of the Royal Navy Heritage Flight ( with Yeovilton as a homebase ) that she deserves the first prize for our best air to air photomoment in Yeovilton. Flown in the capable hands of Simon Heargraves, the Sea Vixen is an unforgettable shape once you have seen it. The photoflight lasted a full 20 minutes, one of the photos graced the cover of the Yeovilton 2017 calendar.

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