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For our first project since the start of the pandemic, the Aviation Photocrew joined forces with Hesja from the ‘Air to Air Meeting’ and the organization of the Gdynia Aerobaltic Airshow.

The photomissions were flown above the beautiful coastline and a peninsula called ‘Hel’. The weather was expected to be tricky, but eventually we had sunshine and clouds at the right moments, and a beautiful sunset for our sunset flight! After a completely cancelled 2020 season things started looking up again!

The project started in the best possible way with a private show of four Turkish Air Force F-16’s who are currently operating out of Malbork Air Base for the Air Policing.

To top things of we were joined by the Polish Air Force Seasprite, an unique sight these days!

The second day saw more action from the Turkish Air Force, this time with Solotürk. Then we were treated on a show from the Midnight Hawks, whom later made several passes with the Red Arrows and did a formation flight with both leaders. The Hawks were certainly represented at Gdynia and they didn’t disappoint!
For this project we were joined by Polish photographer Hesja who coordinated a stunning sunset flight with some aerobatic planes and oldtimers. Ranging from an Iskra all the way to Artur Kielak and his Sbach. The beautiful sunset light and peninsula as a background made for some truly amazing photos. We even got to fly some planes over the Nazi torpedo test facility that is located just in front of the coastline next to the airfield.
The final day of our Polish adventure was packed with jet action. German Eurofighter and Polish Mig-29 formation and a threeship of Gripens brought us some jet noise. The Germans also posed with their Orion while the Polish flew their Mi-14. The Czech also brought out their helicopters with their Hind, Hip and Sokol. The diversity and amount of special guests made this one hell of a comeback!

Our first Polish project was undoubtedly a success and we were very happy to be finally flying again. Of course nothing would be possible without the help of a large group of people and so we would like to thank everybody involved in this first ‘post-pandemic’ adventure: the Aeropact team, all aircrews, ATC, the Air to Air Meeting team, photographers and of course ‘our’ Pink Skyvan crew. See you all in 2022!

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