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Each year we receive hundreds of emails from photographers around the globe with that one single question... ”how can we take Air-to-Air photos like we see on your website?”

We are very happy to say that we do have actually plenty of opportunities to share with other aviation photographers.

However, there are specific requirements:

  • NO, Aviation PhotoCrew does NOT offer passenger flights or pleasure rides. You cannot fly in our photoships “just for the experience”.
  • You have to be an aviation photographer who will be allowed to fly with us under the part SPO regulations, PAS OM-A Task Specialist for Aerial Photography.
  • In UK airspace we fly under UK Air Ops Regulation.

You will receive multiple mandatory briefings and a specific tasking for the photoflight. You have to strictly comply with the responsabilities as described for the task specialist in the preparation briefings. It is important that you act and behave like a responsible crewmember on any photoflight!

In addition, you will have to follow strictly the guidelines of the ‘flight operations manual’ from the photoship. No matter how much experience you have, these guidelines will be explained before every single photomission again, and it is mandatory to attend this briefing.

It is equally important that you confirm by email that you have received the detailed task specialist briefings ( part 1 and part 2 ) and that you understand the content. You will receive additional training/recurrent training if any of the guidelines and information is not fully understood.

If we fly with 5th generation jetfighters or sensitive subject aircraft, you must come from a NATO country, NORAD country, European Union or allied nations. If you doubt if your country is on the embargo list, please send short email to so we can provide you with detailed information.

The Aviation PhotoCrew covers all of the cost of the flying missions themselves, that is not only the cost of the photoship, but things as landing fees, handling fees, even passenger taxes at several airports, planning, logistics, etc so the big projects we offer do require a real big budget as well.

Nothing will ever beat that feeling, and the photoresults are precious memories for so many years to come. In every season we try to do our best to organise at least a few 1-day projects that are affordable for most aviation photographers. The wellknown ‘departure days’ and ‘airshow day’ are 1-day projects offering several aircraft types in a single day.

The ‘big’ projects with multiple days of flying require of course a budget that will be similar to any other high-end hobby, keep that in mind.

If you like to fly with us, here is your next step:

We have a popular newsletter that keeps you updated on the projects for the new airshow season and other ideas we are working on. You can subscribe/unsubscribe at any time.

It is very easy to get in contact with us, just send an email to if you like to be added to the newsletter, or any other member in the Aviation PhotoCrew and you can expect an answer very soon.

Why you should fly with us:

  • Aviation PhotoCrew is a legal and registered company!
  • We are still the ONLY and so original team in the world offering big photoflight projects to other aviation photographers.
  • All photoships are operated under the EASA regulation ‘part SPO’ PAS OM-A Task Specialist for Aerial Photography.
  • You do with your photos and videos what you want!!
  • We fly a modified Shorts Skyvan, 100% tailored to the aviation photographers needs. We can offer an almost 360 degree round view through an open ramp or cristalclear windows + the up and downward angle. No other photoship in the world comes even close to the opportunities we offer.
  • On big projects with multiple photomissions, we give aviation photographers a different position for every flight, so they can experience all the available photo angles.
  • Incredible atmosphere and vibe among aviation photographers.
  • We fly with ALL Air Forces, we are the only team who can proudly state that.
  • Exclusive access to many warbirds and classic jets.
  • We have solid and longlasting corporations with most of the big European airshows.
  • Superb relations with Canadian and US airshow organizors, as well as military and contractors.

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