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The Aviation PhotoCrew is a small team of enthusiastic photographers and 1 videographer with the same passion for aviation. In the past 20 years we have had the opportunity to do a lot of Air-to-Air photowork all around the world, which can be found in the galleries on our website.


We are the only team in the world offering large scale aerial photomissions to other photographers around the globe!! If you like to fly with us, certainly check out the pages ‘Fly with us!’ ‘newsletter’ and ‘2023 plans’.

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> 04-02-2023: RIAT 2022

The Royal International Air Tattoo, or RIAT by its popular name, is that one airshow in the world that does not need an introduction. You have read that sentence for sure already on the website, and I am happy to use it again! This was the first event to take place after the 2 year covid hiatus, and of course expectations were as high as they could be. We always have an very intensive schedule of photoflying that sounds a bit like this: sleep well to be sharp in the morning! Fly, land, refuel, pee, repeat...for two and a half days.

> 24-01-2023: Warbirds 2022

Tropical weather and a steel blue sky, a great bunch of aviation photographers and warbird enthousiasts, a terrace with a view and cold drinks... what more can you wish for when visiting the Sywell aerodrome in July?

Flying warbirds of course!

Our traditional warbird weekend in July was hosted again at the lovely Sywell airfield, and we were good to go for two full days of flying. Richard Paver built up two days with some of the absolute stars in the warbird world.

> 13-01-2023: Antidotum Airshow 2022

The Polish city of Leszno hosted the biggest airshow of the country in the 2022 season, the famous ‘Antidotum airshow’. This small 1-day project was in corporation with well known Polish photographer Hesja, who has the Antidotum airshow firm on his calendar for the many ATAMs ( Air to Air Meeting ) he is offering in Poland for photographers eager to get a taste of air to air.

> 03-12-2022: Danish Air Force Airshow 2022

The Danish Air Force is hosting a major airshow every two years at one of its prime airbases. Unfortunately covid got here in the way as well, and so it was the first big aerial event since 2018. With a new airshow team in place, the airshow took place at Karup airbase, home of the helicopter squadrons and the T-17 trainers.

> 21-11-2022: Danish Vipers

We kicked off the 2022 season with the Danish Air Force airshow, the large bi-annual airshow that came now a few years late due to the corona pandamic. In the days leading up to the airshow, we had a chance to meet the Danish F-16s in full force in the skies! In just 2 days we were priviledged to welcome 28 join-ups behind, below and besides the Pink Skyvan photoship.

> 24-07-2022: Anatolian Eagle 2022

The International Anatolian Eagle 2022 training exercise took place between 20 June - 01 July 2022 at 3rd Main Jet Base Konya, Turkey. Aims of the exercise were to develop the capabilities of Azerbaijan, United Kingdom, Jordan, Pakistan, NATO and Turkish components day time joint operations.

> 14-05-2022: 105 Years Stingers

On Friday May 13th, the newly painted Anniversary jet of the No 1 ‘Stingers’ Squadron of the Belgian Air Force was revealed. To commemorate the 105th Anniversary of the Squadron, F-16 FA-57 received a striking paint scheme on the tail and spine.

> 09-05-2022: NAS Point Mugu

A few of our Aviation PhotoCrew members had the opportunity to visit NAS Point Mugu in April, part of Naval Base Ventura County (also consisting of Port Hueneme and San Nicolas Island), in California. The facility in Point Mugu, started as a United States Navy anti-aircraft training center during World War II and was developed in the late 1940s as the Navy's major missile development and test facility. This was where most of the Navy's missiles were developed and tested during the 1950/1960 era, and they still do today.

> 10-04-2022: Sanicole Airshow & XTM 2021

The famous Sanicole airshow at the Leopoldsburg airfield in Belgium is one of the biggest and longest running airshows in Europe. Every year the dedicated team behind the show attracts some of the best airshow performers in the world. After a year of absence due to the covid pandemic, the 2021 show took place covering all the health and safety measures necessary to get the GO from the government. On Friday evening, the sunset show took place while the big airshow was on Sunday. The aircraft operated from the Kleine-Brogel air base close-by, where a spotters day was organized on Saturday.

> 28-02-2022: Athens Flying Week 2021

For the third time, the Aviation PhotoCrew participated in the Athens Flying Week, held at Tanagra. After the Aegean flight, and the excursion to Kalamata and Andravida, it was time to do some awesome flights from Tanagra.

> 06-02-2022: Hellenic Air Force

For the third time, the Aviation PhotoCrew participated in the Athens Flying Week, held at Tanagra. This project consisted of an arrival package from Tuesday-night to Friday-night and a departure package on Sunday and Monday. Because the APC likes to go the extra mile, an excursion to Kalamata and Andravida was organised on Wednesday to shoot the rare Buckeyes and Phantoms.

> 09-01-2022: AEGEAN Airlines

AEGEAN Airlines, member of the Star Alliance group, is the flag carrier airline of Greece. The airline operates both domestic and international flights to Europe and the Middle-East. Since 2020, a new era of growth has begun for AEGEAN, with the official reveal of its new livery and branding as well as the presentation of the first new generation Airbus A320neo, equipped with latest technology Pratt & Whitney engines.


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