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The third project in our Scandinavian tour was going to be a real challenge, as we only had 1 single day to fly the photomissions…so it had to be good weather! The forecast was promising, but in the week before the event started to change like every day.

The ferryflight with the Skyvan was made on the Monday after we completed the departures of the Danish Air Force Airshow, destination Trolhattan airport in Sweden. The weather was marginal with low clouds….and a downpour of rain during the landing. Also the cars driving over from Denmark to Sweden experienced seriously ‘non flyable’ clouds and rain.

So you can imagine the happy smiles when on tuesdaymorning the skies were bright blue, no haze and plenty of sunshine!! Exactly what we had hoped for and what a start of one of the most epic days we have flown so far.

The idea: to see join-ups of the fantastic aircraft of the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight, the magnificent and ultra unique collection of Saab aircraft….dream big, so we wanted…all of them ?

The reality: JUST THAT!!

Our corporation with Stellan Andersson and his team brought us a super enjoyable day with 4 separate photoflights, in which all of that Swedish classics were presented to the photographers in an absolutely incredible way! And the Swedish scenery made each and every photo super special.

Our friends of the Swedish Air Force joined the Saab party on two of the flights, to fly a formation with the Tunnan and the two Lansen. Where in the world could you see in just 1 day not one but two Saab Draken in the air….and how about not one but two Viggen!!

To end this exciting day we had a photoflight with two wellknown non Saab trainers, but part of the Historic flight: the Bulldog and Harvard. In the warm afternoonlight we could only see superbig smiles and photographers fully satisfied after this iconic adventure. We celebrated with ‘probably the best beer in the world’….ooh, but isn’t that Danish ;) ?

Flying with the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight has been such a fantastic experience, that we plan to come back in the 2019 season.


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