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The 2009 flying season started very well with a great opportunity to shoot the Dassault Falcon 2000 bizzliner, a luxury private jet operated by Solid aiR. As I flew with them before in 2008, I knew exactly what I wanted. The intention of the flight was to capture both still images as film for a commercial. I choose the Skyvan as our photoship, piloted by Tony de Bruyn. He's one the great European 'photo'pilots ( being an enthousiastic photographer himself ) and knew precisely how to position the Skyvan to have the best possible result. The pilots of the Falcon 2000 did a fantastic job as well, as it is never easy to fly formation with an aicraft of lesser performance
Many thanks to everyone at Solid aiR for this great afternoon. The photoseries were very satisfying much to everybodies delight! Please have a look at their website

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