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The prime PR-event of the Royal Navy has been for many years the airshow at NAS Yeovilton. It is one of the most important airshows in the UK and each year again they manage to get some really special participants. The Aviation PhotoCrew is enjoying a longstanding excellent relationship with the airshow team, and so it was our job again to provide all the Air-to-Air photowork. The weather was no challenge this time, although a tropical 30+ °C all the time is not ideal either.

The great variety of aircraft in combination with the stunning scenery is always a guarantee for a lot of happy smiles from photographers in the Skyvan and the aircrews as well. Lots of jet action was our part with the two Danish F-16’s, two French Navy Rafales, two UK Typhoons and two photomissions with the very pretty looking Canadian Demo CF-18.

‘Jet’ does not only mean modern jetfighters, as we also had the join-up of the Korea era Mig-15, in a unique formation with the RNHF Sea Fury, the French Navy Falcon 50 and equally rare US Navy P-8 Poseidon.
The German Navy sent their P3 Orion and plenty of civilian action behind and beside the Skyvan photoship as well: longtime friends Rich Goodwin and Greg Paino showed us the very colourful 2-ship Pitts with lots of smoke. Also the Royal Jordanian Falcons gave us a photosessions with their brand new Extras in an awesome new colourscheme. Locals Lauren Richardson and Simon Wilson brought us more biplane action, the Piston provost and the RV-8 while another aircraft of the Royal Navy Historic Flight gave us 5 minutes of their precious flying time with the Swordfish joining.
As Yeovilton is a prime helicopter base, it really reflects in their program…and our photomissions as well! The Royal Navy joined up on the Skyvan with the mighty Merlin, while the French Marine brought us a unique 2-ship with the NH90 and classic Lynx. Also the Royal Netherlands Air Force was present with two types: the Cougar in camouflage colours and the NH90. The coolest photomission with a helicopter was for the RAF Chinook, as it was flown during the actual ‘Air Day’ airshow with a fantastic overflight of the airshow grounds.

The annual barbecue with all the aircrews after the airshow is the ideal place where ideas are born for the departure day photoflights. Several aircraft enjoyed it so much that they did it again for us on departure Sunday, as well with the Avro Anson in great new colours.

The highlight was for our friends of the French Marine, flying a 3-ship for us of the Falcon 50 and the 2 Rafales! Curious what 2019 will bring….. One thing is already certain, to emphasize more on the importance of the Navy, the longserving name for the airshow ‘Yeovilton Air Day’ will become from 2019 onwards ‘Royal Navy Air Day’

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