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For many pilots and aircraft owners Duxford airfield is a kinda ‘special’ airfield. They have several additional flight regulations, and most of all ( as we could experience first hand ) it is outreageously expensive to operate from its grounds.

Of course that is just a sidenote, as it is also home to some of the most exclusive warbird collections in the world, and we were the lucky team to organise a photomission with some of those iconic birds.

Richard Paver, thé expert in Europe when it comes to warbirds and photoflights, was our partner in this adventure and for this first dedicated warbird project we were fortunate to fly with the Grace collection. Six pristine aircraft with legendary names awaited us on the flightline that afternoon: a Hawker Hurricane, a Hawker Fury, two Spitfires, a Buchon and the P 47 Thunderbolt.

A very detailed briefing was planned prior to the photoflight, and each of these aircraft were flown by highly experienced pilots, just like we have Phillip Artweger flying the Skyvan photoship. A sequence was made to see each of the warbirds as a solo join-up, plus a 2-ship of both Spitfires and the Hurricance and Buchon.

The real challenge turned out to be the weather. No it wasn’t low clouds, rain or overcast….but pure blue skies, only that came with 33 degrees! Meaning quite some turbulence along the way, so we were in for a rough ride….for two hours ;)

So not too many full propellors in the photoresults, but what a mindblowing experience!! Two hours to be surrounded by not only the sight, but also the sounds of some of the greatest flying machines ever build. Each of them with a significant history in the books.

This afternoon was so successful that we will plan another dedicated warbird project in the 2019 season.

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