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In 2018, there was only one major airshow in Belgium, organised by the team behind the worldfamous Sanicole airshow. It has been a successful tradition that when the Belgian Air Force hosts their bi-annual event at KB airbase there will be no Sanicole airshow that year, but instead they put the Sanicole team at work for the ‘Belgian Air Force days’. Since Sanicole is also the place the Aviation PhotoCrew can call ‘home’, you know what to expect from us!

Our flight operations originated again from the nearby Zwartberg airfield, with thé most ideal location as it is situated in the middle of the photo join up area. Opening the long list of photo join ups, the Thunder Tigers from 31 Sqn, this is by far the best 4 ship of F-16’s – with underwing fueltanks – that present us with a fantastic performance….each year again!

The airshow attracted a large variety of both military and civilian participants, a fantastic mix that is also the winning formula for the Sanicole airshows. The photo join-ups brought the photographers quite a number of new aircraft: a ‘new’ Spitfire on the Belgian register, along with the T-28, a very classic SV-4 in original BAF colours and equally bright the Extra 330 with plenty of smoke and dynamic manoeuvres!
Also in the military line up we had the chance to enjoy some aircraft and helicopters that had been on the wishlist for a long time. Finally we got to see the Slovakian Mig-29, the Danish Baby Blue team and the German Tornado proving he could hold on to us at 160 kts…fully fuelled!
Lots of helicopter action as well with a last time our Belgian Sea king, and the even older Alouette III. We got impressive join-ups from the Dutch Chinook, Danish Merlin and especially the Portuguese Merlin was one of the many highlights. It was the first time this helicopter took part in an international airshow. The Polish Air Force sent us the Mi-17 and our own Belgian A-109 brought a huge smile on the photographers faces by performing an amazing flare waterfall.
More unusual aircraft in our photoflight program came from the German Coastguard with the Do-228, the Jordanian C-130 and French Air Force Xingu. Of course we had a lot of fighterjet action waiting for us as well. Typhoons, F-16’s, F-18’s, and a special prize for the friends of the Rafale demo team giving us some perfect ‘knife edge’ poses and the unique formation flight with the Patrouille de France.
The next Belgian Air Force days will be held at Florennes airbase in 2020. We will fly the Skyvan photoship again in a great green scenery the area has to offer. Always welcome to join us!

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