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Greece….the Walhalla for the die-hard aviation photographer looking for the ultimate vintage hardware. Photographers joined us inside the Skyvan photoship, not only with the high hopes to get their number 1 target, the F-4 Phantom, but also counting on a chance to see the Mirage 2000 and for this year…our very final chances for the T-2 Buckeye. We had a little celebration, as it was the 5th time we took the Skyvan to Greece, and so also the 5th time we enjoyed a superb corporation with Athens Flying Week and the Hellenic Air Force.

We started our photoflying adventures with an additional day to see the T-2, and how fantastic that was right away!!! The old lady in Vietnam camouflage showed up and brought the T-6 from the Daedalus team along. The Buckeye was one of that ultra rare military jets that will disappear from the European skies forever.

Tuesday was not over yet, as the photographers flying in the big arrivals project were treated a first sunsetflight. Only headliners in there with the Saudi Hawks aerobatic team, their Typhoon demo jet, and of course the delight Greece has to offer….2 Rafales and 2 Mirage 2000. For sure that brought us sweet dreams!

Wednesday, in good tradition, we head out first to Kalamata, and yes to see the T-2 again. This time also the brand new M346 Silver Hawk joined the photoship, giving us the opportunity for some unique 3-ship photos with all the trainers.

Of course this day has the photographers super pumped, as the main event are not one but two aerial encounters with the legendary F-4 Phantoms. With a landing in Andravida and a visit to 338Sqn, we could not have a better day. Best memory is the amount of merchandise we bought at their shop!

Thursday we start to fly for the airshow arrivals, with the Italian ‘WeFly’ team as very pretty participant. By surprise we got another final chance to see the T-2 Buckeye, a bittersweet moment knowing that this was the final time for real.

The special fly over the Acropolis was reserved for the headliner of the airshow, the USAF F-35 demoteam. The French Rafales gave us as usual a perfect join-up with spectacular breaks, the Austrian Air Force joined us with the two PC-7 while the German Tornado brought a little tiger surprise for us.

The Danish and Belgian F-16 demojets teamed up to give us another highlight this week, with a superb 2-ship presentation in that ideal Hellenic scenery.

Greece is full of great traditions, and so the Aegean A320 NEO joined us as well, they have been flying with the Skyvan photoship since 2018.

Unfortunately we had some bad luck with the planned photoshoot of the Spanish Aguilas team, who suffered a mechanical issue and could not participate. 2025 it is!

On Friday morning we got the Army saying hello with the Apaches, Kiowa and NH90. Also the Hellenic Navy signed present with the Sea Hawk. We got the chance to photograph two new aircraft from the Air Force in the shape of the old historic T-41 trainer and the new Tecnam.

Fursan Al Emarat, the national team of the UAE, coloured our evening – literally – with a number of spectacular smoke filled passes, their DNA pass is incredible from our point of view.

After two years of trying we also managed to get that unique 2-ship airborne for us…..a glider and a jetfighter!!! With Luca Bertossio flying the glider and TEO piloting the Danish F-16 we knew we would be in for some absolutely ‘once in a lifetime’ pictures….and it worked! TEO burned the rest of the fuel in the afterburner for some super action…nobody complaining!

For the photographers joining us on Sunday & Monday we kicked off really well with the F-4 Phantoms, yes three years in a row we got that luck. Followed by another rare appearance of the Hellenic C-130, in special colours. Unfortunately Monday we encountered pretty bad weather awaiting us. The first flight went all right with the M346, T-6 and F-16 joining the Skyvan, but the dark clouds made it clear that the other aircraft would not join us anymore. The main event ( and surprise for all ) would have been an F-4 Phantom joining us for 20 minutes!!!

When we do not live up to expectations we always provide a partial refund, alternative day or flying credit, and this was one of that rare days were the weather was not playing ball and we had to offer some nice compensation ideas. So everybody happy in the end, but most of all super eager to return to Greece for more air to air action.

The weather better be good in 2025!

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