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For the first time since long there was no Sanicole airshow in 2014. Instead Kleine Brogel Airbase hosted the Belgian Air Force Days. The list of participants was impressive to say the least, with highlights being the Al Fursan team from the UAE and the Frecce Tricolori.
The former gave us a private airshow behind the Skyvan during the arrivals. It was planned to do some passes underneath our photoship, but after filling the cabin with their smoke after the first pass, they actually formated on us. Other planes that joined up for pictures were the Dutch Historic Flight Spitfire, and the Swiss Air Force F-18. Also from Switzerland the PC-7 team proved that a large formation can result in fantastic photos. Going solo was the PC-7 from Zwartberg, the airfield we operated from as well. New for our crew was the rare Norwegian P-3 Orion.
The French send some serious heavy metal to Kleine Brogel. Both the Rafale and Ramex Delta, flying the Mirage 2000, were present and put up a great show behind the Skyvan, as well as on the airshow days.
As if this impressive list isn’t enough, the Czech came out to play with their Alca and the Hungarian Air Force brought us their Antonov. The Dutch send both old and new with the Hawker Hunter and a couple of F-16’s, but they also showed their helicopter with the Apache.
Another highlight were the two American F-15’s. This flight turned out to be the last air to air sortie for one of them as it crashed only two weeks later in the UK. Luckily the pilot got out safely.
Last but not least, there were many F-16’s. The Danish send two and also Belgium, The Netherlands and Turkey had their demo F-16. The combination of the three demo planes resulted in a unique formation.
Hereby we would like to thanks everyone who made these images possible, the pilots, crew of all aircraft, the Kleine Brogel Air Day organization and the people from Sanicole and Zwartberg aeroclub.

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