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The Danish Air Force is hosting a major airshow every two years at one of its prime airbases. Unfortunately covid got here in the way as well, and so it was the first big aerial event since 2018…. With a new airshow team in place, the airshow took place at Karup airbase, home of the helicopter squadrons and the T-17 trainers.

We were already spoiled by the 28 Danish F-16s join-ups in the days prior to the show, so what else we had to look forward to? Well, not the weather for sure, as that turned out to be pretty shitty on the big arrival day.

Unfortunately low clouds and rain made us cancel a number of join-ups, but as soon as the weather was flyable, the Skyvan photoship was up in the skies! The RV8 with smoke was no stranger to the Danish sky, as it came from Billund, piloted by the former airshow boss Tom Schau. Also a ‘local’ was the chance to catch the Silver Spitfire with a Danish Air Force test pilot at the controls.

The L-29 Delfin is also on the Danish register, while the German Navy Lynx did prove they can fly in dismal weather. Always nice to catch a helicopter that’s about to go out of service. But of course it was the heavy metal that was much anticipated with two jets very high on the wish list.

The Swiss Air Force sent two F-18s, and those pilots have Swiss watches, so tack sharp on time. Very cool to see a two-seater, it’s only the second time in 15 years of flying the big projects we had that opportunity. On the other hand, the weather, boooo…

We were lucky and frustrated to have the aerial premiere of the new Belgian F-16 demojet ‘Dream Viper’ in just terrible weather. But hey, it was also the first F-16 ever to make an inverted pose behind the Skyvan…. while giving us smoke and flares!! Many many happy faces. We got a full private super dynamic airshow from ‘Vrieske’ and we can only look eagerly forward to another join up in a nice blue sky!

That other jets everybody wanted was the Polish Su-22, and it was the two-seater in tiger colours. We all had good practice is flyby photography, as the old Russian build jet cannot fly as slow as the Skyvan, but we saw only big smiles. Hopefully they remain a few more years in service. Also from Poland we got one of their F-16….in the rain, so if you think those pictures are kinda grainy, that are real raindrops.

Unfortunately a real rainfront floating over us = grounded and no join-ups. It ‘sort of’ cleared just enough to catch a few more highlights. We were just in time to catch the new French Rafale demojet, but in a dark sky that new black paint wasn’t done justice. Later in the year we’ll make that up in sunny Greece!
All the photographers onboard the Skyvan were ready with their camera’s for the last two jets to pose for the photo, it’s always spectacular and priviledged to get a chance to see the unique Swedish Viggen and Draken. It was the bare metal singleseat Viggen ( not shining in the low clouds ), but what a jet that is…and it comes with sound! The Draken had just received a new paint, so challenge accepted to nail that flybys! Unfortunately the weather getting worse again so we had to stop for this day.
Saturday, hallelujah, a beautiful sky with blue and fluffy white clouds. And still some great join-ups in our program. A surprise 2 minute pose from the Danish red & white demojet set the tone. Finally we had a chance to see the hometeam, Baby Blue Team, in real nice weather…that was the first time ever since all their photo join ups since 2010! That 6-ship does look fantastic.
Sweden brought us very happy moments again, with a superb presentation of a 2-ship Gripen in a variety of manoeuvres. And what a difference it is when you can shoot in great weather. Our last join-up was the Lansen, one of that many Swedish classic jets from the most unique collection of private jets in the world. Only a few still fly in the entire world, just like their 2 Viggens and Drakens. For this first big project of the year giving the points was easy: weather ‘sacked’, aircraft and helicopters to join the Skyvan photoship, 10/10!
The next major airshow will take place in 2024 at Skydstrup airbase, home of the F-16…and first F-35s! If you like to fly with us certainly check out the pages ‘fly with us’ and ‘newsletter’, so you will always be updated on our plans!

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