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For the third time, the Aviation PhotoCrew participated in the Athens Flying Week, held at Tanagra. This project consisted of an arrival package from Tuesday-night to Friday-night and a departure package on Sunday and Monday. Because the APC likes to go the extra mile, an excursion to Kalamáta and Andravída was organised on Wednesday to shoot the rare Buckeyes and Phantoms.

On Tuesday-night, we had the absolute pleasure of performing a dusk-shoot with the local Mirage 2000s. A three-ship of 331 Mira, consisting of two singles and one dual, joined-up over the North Euboean Gulf and Chalkis. In beautiful light, they even expended some flares to brighten up the evening.
Wednesday was a big day, leaving Tanagra early for Kalamáta. One of the few remaining operational T-2E Buckeyes in the world joined-up behind the Skyvan, together with T-6A Texan II. The Texan then left us with the Buckeye for a little while, with the coast and the Messenian Gulf providing an impressive backdrop. After the join-up we landed at Kalamáta for refuelling. This took a bit longer than anticipated, but we thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality on base.
We then took off for Andravída to be welcomed by two F-4E (AUP) Phantoms of 338 MDV over the Ionian Sea for some passes, after which we landed at their home-base for a face-to-face briefing. This didn’t take too long and before we knew it, we were airborne again for a lengthy join-up with two Phantoms again. They really managed to stay with us on the outside of the turns! The backdrops were spectacular, with Mount Erymanthos visible in the background on this crystal clear day.

We would like to thank the Hellenic Air Force and for their support in this awesome photoshoot. If you would like to join us and experience the thrills of Air-to-Air photography, simply send a short email to to receive all the information.


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