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2015 saw the Vulcan XH558 flying it’s very last Airshow season. Since 2007 the mighty AVRO Vulcan returned to the Airshow scene thanks to the great effort made by the Vulcan to the Sky Trust and the thousands of people who supported the project. Dubbed “The Spirit of Great-Britain”, she safely flew 250 Hrs in the skies above Great Britain, showing her grace to millions of people. During the past years, the Vulcan really impressed and was a highlight on every Airshow she visited, it was called the “Vulcan-Effect”. The Aviation-PhotoCrew was honored to fly several times with the Vulcan, and 2015 we had the great pleasure to fly with here on three unique occasions.

During the Yeovilton Air Day, a very unique formation was planned to open the Airshow. Called theV-Formation, it was comprising of a Sea Vixen, two Vampires and a Vulcan, signifying British jet-heritage.

Both the Sea Vixen as well as the Vulcan are unique and unorthodox British designs, of which only one of each is still flying today. The Sea Vixen was to lead, with the two Norwegian operated De Havilland Vampires on its left and right wing and the Vulcan in the slot position, in a classic diamond formation. Being part of the briefing for this formation with the aircrews of all aircraft involved is impressive. An incredible amount of experience and professionalism goes into making sure all aspects of the dissimilar formation are discussed, taking the differences in performance and handling of the aircraft into account, in order to be safe, look good for the crowd and get some great pictures in the process! While the Skyvan would be overhead and slightly to the left away from the public at a greater height and slower speed, the V-formation, as it was dubbed, would pass over the runway underneath us, in front of the crowd, then do a wide circuit and make one more pass. Timing was of the essence…

Everything went perfectly according to plan, resulting in a unique sight never to be forgotten nor seen again by the crowd, as well as resulting in some amazing pictures by the photographers in the Skyvan.

A second truly unique photomission was planned over the North-Sea, along the white cliffs of famous Beachy-Head near Eastbourne. Despite the heavy winds, the weather could not have been any better. The sky had such a clear air, with some fluffy clouds over the water, almost like a painting. The high humidity created some awesome vortex over the delta-shaped wings of the Vulcan. With a last passage over the Beachy-Head lighthouse, the Vulcan broke off to complete its flight visiting multiple Airshows and events that day.
At the end of the year the Vulcans last ever flight was nearing, and in October we planned our very last photomission over Duxford. With the great autumn weather, the contrast was very different to the previous photoshoot. The sun was shining low over the horizon, which created the warm colours. The Vulcan crew showed-off their aircraft for the very last time, coming close to the Skyvan photoship and breaking away with the bomb-bay open.
The return of the Vulcan, to the Sky, has had a tremendous effect the Airshows she visited. With its distinctive shape and roaring sound it wowed millions of people. It showed with the cooperation of many, this unique project was hugely successful and inspired many. Having had the great pleasure to work together with the Vulcan to the Sky organization and crew, during multiple photoshoots, we are very honored to have been able to support the Trust with our images. Hereby we would like to thank everyone who made these flight possible!

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