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Since 2001, Konya Air Base (central Turkey) is home to the Anatolian Eagle Training Center. Next to the Turkish Air Force Squadrons, 14 different foreign Air Forces took part in the exercise since its genesis. The Anatolian Eagle 2015-1 edition took place between 8-19 June, and saw participants from the US, Germany, the UK, Spain, Pakistan next to many Turkish units. NATO also provided two E-3A AWACS aircraft for the exercise.

The aim of the Anatolian Eagle exercise is to improve the capabilities of international elements in daytime joint operations and increase mutual support. Enhancing training levels of participants, by providing realistic an operational environment within a generic scenario, from simple to complex. This includes planning and executing combined air operations against tactic and strategic targets, which have air-defense systems and fighter aircraft. It also provides opportunities to try new tactics and techniques.
The Turkish Air Force took part in the exercise with a large number of aircraft and helicopters. 49 F-16s from different squadrons took part, next to 12 F-4E Phantoms. Other aircraft were KC-135 Tankers, E-7T AEW&C and CN-235 transport aircraft. Also participating were AS-532 Cougar, S-70 Blackhawk and the new T-129 Attack Helicopters.
The USAFE participated the AE15 exercise with no less than 12 F-15C/D Eagles from 493 Fighter Squadron based at RAF Lakenheath, UK. The Royal Air Force send 8 Eurofighter Typhoons to Konya from 11 Squadron based at Coningsby. The German Air Force send over one of their A-310 MRTT aircraft which provided Tanker support together with the Turkish KC-135.

NATO took part with two E-3A AWACS Aircraft to oversee and guide the whole exercise. The Spanish Air Force send over 6 F-18 from ALA15 based at Zaragoza. One of the highlights were the participation of the Pakistan Air Force with 6 F-16A/B from 9 “Griffins” Squadron based at Mushaf AFB.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Turkish Air Force, the Public Affairs Office and all the staff at the Konya Air Base for their great hospitality.


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