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Vigo, Spain, summertime, hot temperatures and thousands of people on the many beaches of the beautifull city. “relax, it's holiday!” But not for the Search & Rescue teams, based at Vigo Airport. These guys are 24 hrs on alert Stand-By and this is the busy season. As we were with the PhotoCrew in Vigo for the annual Festival Aéreo, Pablo Gonzalez had organised us an absolutely fantastic opportunity to get to know 'Pesca 1 & 2'!
Yes, we were very very lucky, as both Helicopters were present at the Vigo facilities – that happens rarely – and Carlos 'Charlie' del Campo Campos invited us to fly along during an extended training mission. They were gonna train three different emergency situations, involving two boats and one helicopter. But both heli's would take to the air, to provide us and incredible three different angles to photograph the operations!
The weather was absolutely superb that day, bringing us the bright Spanish sun and a clear endless blue sky. It was very impressive to see how professionally these guys are prepared at any given time. The trainings today were focused on bringing injured persons onboard ships, to the shore, in a safe and fast way. Also an emergency with people in the water was simulated; due to the cold temperaturs of the ocean water, a quick reaction is often necessary.
Giel and Tom were onboard the fast rescueboat, having a real 'photoship' for the first time!
Soetkin flew in Pesca 2 providing a global overview of the operation, and Eric flew onboard Pesca 1 with the rescuediver & wincher, to get a very good angle on their task and equipment.
On the way back to Vigo we had of course some very nice opportunities to capture both Sikorsky S-76 helicopters, these are really very good looking machines and the Vigo backdrops are such a nice variety of mountains, steelblue ocean and a lot of harbour action.
Many many thanks to all the boatcrews and the entire team of 'Charlie' and the wonderfull opportunity we had to sail and fly with you guys! For sure we'll back next year! You can see more pictures of the Pesca helicopter in the report on the Vigo airshow, as they are very popular participants each year.

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