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Leeuwarden Openday 2011

In 2011, the yearly Netherlands Air Force Opendays were held at the Leeuwarden airbase in the Northern part of the country. As the airshow organizers always do a great job in attracting a great mix of interesting aircraft participants, we were keen to go there for some photoshoots. The region around the nearby Wadden Islands is just wonderful as backdrop for our photographs, and so we chose Texel airport as our operating base.

Thanks to the great contacts with the airshow organization and the participating aircrew, we were able to have a nice range of photoflights during the days preceding to the event. Ofcourse the Royal Netherlands Air Force was well present and we had the pleasure to photograph multiple assets of the fleet. On the first day the Eindhoven based C-130 was photographed above the clouds as well as the huge KDC-10 tanker. What a great sight it was to see the tanker closing in on us in the distance and slowly coming closer. Thanks to the flying crew we were able to take some dynamic photographs of from all angles above the Vlieland shooting range.
We also had the luck to photograph the local Rescue Helicopters behind our Skyvan photoship. First came the Navy Lynx which briefly posed for photographs but had to brake off after having a technical problem. It was probably our very last time we could photograph the Lynx Helicopter as they will be replaced by the NH-90 in the very near future. The other famous Rescue Helicopter is the AB-412SP “Tweety” which is based at Leeuwarden airbase and regularly operates at the Wadden Islands, transporting patients to the mainland. The yellow colors of the helicopter and the high visibility rotor blades make a nice contrast against the background.
Ofcourse the famous Orange F-16 could not be missed and 2011 display pilot Capt. Tobias "Hitec" Schutte posed nicely for the photographs over the Vlieland shooting range. This time he also brought his Turkish and Belgian F-16 Colleagues in a unique formation. It proves the excellent cooperation between different Air Forces demonstration teams working together. During the same photosessions we also photographed the German F-4 Phantom and the Polish Mig-29 fighters which have been published on our website in a separate report, as well as the Solo Türk team.
Hereby we would like to thank all the flying crews for their excellent flying skills which resulted in these great images. We also thank the organisation of the Leeuwarden Opendays for their great cooperation and everyone else who made these photoshoots possible.

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