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Without any question my best trip this year was a visit to Gatineau Airport, near Ottawa, Canada. It is home of the 'Vintage Wings of Canada'. I was invited by Tim Leslie, chief of their flight operations, to spend the weekend of their Open House with them. If you like warbirds it simply like entering a walhalla....the collection was build by the founder of VWC, Michael Potter.
Michael simply selected the best of the best to build his team and the result is one of the most amazing collection of warbirds I have ever seen! They all have been carefully restored by superprofessionals to flying status and they simply look brand new! The purpose of VWC is to serve the Canadian aviation heritage and give those magnificent birds the respect they deserve. The organisation is very active and every year they have a few Open Houses were they invite the public to spend the day with them. Many of their friends fly in from all over Canada , with their warbirds, and so you'll get to see an armada of warbirds and oldtimers even the biggest airshows can only dream off!
Flying warbirds is very demanding and very expensive. To maintain their flying skills the pilots train in the T-6 Harvards of the Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team. I was more then lucky to be invited to fly with them on one of the training sorties! That yellow looks so nice in the sky, unfortunately I cannot bring you the sound of four Harvards airborne...
And it just got better.....prior to the Quebec airshow I got the privilege to photograph two of the most precious warbirds of their collection; the Mustang ( flown by Michael Potter himself ) and Corsair ( flown by Paul Kissman ) Being able to capture genuine warbirds in the skies were they belong is one of that magical moments for every aviationphotographer. We flew for 30 minutes over Quebec City and its surroundings, and it really was pure magic; an incredible and big THANK YOU goes to Tim Leslie for the invitation, to Michael Potter and his entire team who gave me a warm Canadian welcome. It was a true pleasure and I do hope I will be back in Ottawa one day. If you like warbirds don't forget to visit their website, it is very informative and very inviting! Check it out at

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